Composer Anton Bukanov

Composer Anton Bukanov


Great maestro Anatoly Gerasimov

One of the best Russian composers for children (and adults!) Alexander Ermolov

Composer and Arabic lute virtuoso
Kamal Ballan

Marvelous jazz singer and composer
Ekaterina Chernousova

The best classical piano duo of the world
Irina Silivanova & Maxim Puryzhinski

Fantastic cellist Ruslan Biryukov

Composer, one of the leading Russian composers for the movies Roman Dormidoshin

Brilliant conductor and simply beauty Ksenia Zharko


Anton Bukanov was born on May 19, 1977 in city of Yaroslavl. At the age of six he started learning music.

Anton Bukanov is one of the brilliant young jazz players and composers of Russia, and, maybe, not only Russia.

Had an incredible pleasure to contact and work with the really great musicians of our time Sofia Gubaidulina, Demis Roussos, Dimitri Arapis, Valery Poliansky, Karolos Trikolidis, Vladimir Tonkha, Valery Popov, Oleg Lundstrem, Anatoly Gerasimov, Rishad Shafi, Gassan Mamedov, Alex Sipiagin, Kamal Ballan and many others

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