Composer Anton Bukanov

Composer Anton Bukanov

Absolutely new project called by head of Yaroslavl jazz Igor Gavrilov the orchestra of two persons. Mix of two highly professional, original musicians. Each of them is marvelous as himself, but together they are creating incredible new quality. Creative credo of the duo is to open the new beauty, something their-own, unexplored in the musical sources of the various ages, styles and surely their souls, and realize in the visible and hearable images upon a deeply personal, sensual basis. The real soul of the duo is fantastic singer Olga Aysina.She seems not to have anything impossible for herself. Olga is equally excellent in the various styles of the musical art classical music, jazz, songs of the many nations of the world (in their authentic languages!), entertainment (pop, soul) In the duo she is responsible for the senses, and, thanks to her unique, exciting voice, either composition from the collectives repertoire sounds incredibly expressive and emotional, making everybody compassionate in spite of difference between their taste, age and musical favors Pianist Anton Bukanov arranges music, creating the order and harmony of the reason and senses, and marks the expression of Olgas voice. Duo is performing at the various stages, preparing the new programs, making the recordings in the studios. Welcome to our concerts! All announces are on the MAIN PAGE and CONCERT SCHEDULE.

Serbian folk song of 19th century
(arranged by Olga Aysina & Anton Bukanov)

Alexander Varlamov "Chrysanthemums"
(arranged by Olga Aysina & Anton Bukanov)




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